Never had Storm Shutters? Here are five things to know about Storm Shutters

Dec 23, 2022 | Shutters

Here’s a few quick tips for new owners of storm shutters.

Topsail Island, NC, living in paradise. The sunshine and sandy beaches of Topsail Island, NC, are unbeatable. We must remember hurricane season. Part-time and full-time Floridians must be ready for a hurricane between June 1 and Nov 30. Proper protection is essential, including storm shutters for your home or business.

These five tips will help you if you’ve never used storm shutters.

1. Plywood is not an acceptable substitute.

You will find plywood covering windows in NC’s neighborhoods during hurricane season. Plywood can be temporarily acceptable if you need more time or are in a hurry to install storm panels. However, they shouldn’t be used as a long-term solution. Unlike storm shutters, plywood is not meant to withstand hurricane-force winds or flying debris. High winds can pull plywood out of its bolts and nails. If it does, it could fly away and cause severe damage to your or your neighbor’s homes. The plywood could be added to hurricane debris, causing severe damage.

2. There are many options to choose from

No rule says you have to use the aluminum panel hurricane shutters. You can choose from many options depending on your needs and preferences. Bahama shutters are an option if you are looking for aesthetically pleasing storm panels. These will give your home the tropical look you desire while providing you with the protection you need. These are just a few of the many available hurricane shutters.

  • Roll down Shutters
  • Accordion Shuts
  • Lexan Storm Panels
  • Aluminum Storm Panels
  • Steel Storm Panels
  • Colonial Shutters
  • Bahama Shutters

3. They must be cleaned and maintained regularly

Hurricane shutters that need to be maintained appropriately will not offer you the protection you need. You must be ready for a storm and ensure everything works properly. Carolina Window Covering inc provides an annual maintenance plan. Carolina Window Covering inc offers a yearly maintenance plan.

4. Only a licensed professional should do the installation.

Hurricane shutters are not something you can do yourself, and a professional will install your shutters correctly and provide maximum protection for your home. Carolina Window Covering inc is a licensed professional who will ensure that all permits and clearances are filed to be ready for hurricane season.

5. Shutters protect your home

Although this one is obvious, it is essential to understand the importance of hurricane shutters. Your home’s most vulnerable entry points, windows, and doors are those closest to the storm. These entry points are protected from hurricane debris and high winds by hurricane shutters, and shutters can prevent extensive damage from hurricanes.

Carolina Window Covering inc can help you install hurricane shutters in your home. Carolina Window Covering inc will handle the design, installation, and maintenance of your shutters to ensure that you have top-quality protection.