Storm Shutters Features and Benefits

Storm Shutters Features and Benefits

Stunning & Affordable Storm
Hurricane Shutters in Wilmington, NC

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For Expert Measuring & Installation! Rolling & Bahama Shutters Storm Panels Roll Downs. For year-round protection, accordion storm hurricane shutters in Wilmington, North Carolina, can be permanently installed in your home. The blades are similar to accordion folds. These storm shutters can be installed around doors, windows, balconies, large patio openings and are easy to close in minutes. For added security and protection, they can be locked from either the outside or inside. Aluminum accordion storm shutters should be cleaned and lubricated annually. Outer Banks NC Many options:

Features and Benefits

Rapid response to storm threats: Closes quickly to protect your opening during a storm.
Convenience: No more lifting, taking down, or storing aluminum or plywood panels.
Permanent installation of accordion shutters saves valuable storage space.
You can choose from either an inside or exterior locking mechanism to increase security.
Available in the colors White, Ivory, Bronze, and Beige
Unobstructed View: The accordion’s open position allows for a full view of the outside from the inside.
Energy-efficient – The accordion in closed or semi-closed positions reflects the sun’s harsh rays and provides shade.
Privacy – The accordion shutter in the closed position restricts your ability to see through the opening.
Property value increases – Permanent hurricane protection can be considered an upgrade.
Low maintenance. It can be cleaned as often as necessary and lubricated with a silicon-based product regularly.

Storm Shutters Wilmington, NC

Carolina Window Covering is Based in Wilmington, NC, and serving areas from Myrtle Beach (S.C.) to Emerald Isle (N.C.). Our Carolina Hurricane Shutters provides quality storm protection. Our hurricane shutters are made from impact-resistant materials. They protect your home against windborne water and debris. Our products are built to measure and installed quickly and efficiently.

Hurricane shutters are available in Wilmington to protect your home and yourself from the weather

⦁ Hurricanes are a common occurrence on the east coast. Carolina’s Hurricane shutters are the best way to protect your family and give you peace of mind knowing that your home will be safe no matter what the weather. We’re a leading supplier of storm shutters, located near Myrtle Beach (S.C.) and Wilmington (N.C.). To ensure safety for your family and home, we create custom shutters using the best quality materials.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Our Town & Country Colonial shutters have the appearance of colonials found in historical regions across the United States. You can choose from board and batten or fixed louvers for your colonial. These shutters have the appearance of old wooden shutters but are made of aluminum. They provide exceptional protection against hurricane and typhoon damage.

Colonial Shutters for Hurricane Protection at a Wilmington Home

The system can be opened from either the outside or inside the house, giving customers the choice of aesthetic appeal and ease of use. Inside closure is not rated. Colonial shutters can be self-storage, which makes them very useful in adverse weather conditions.

It is easy to use
A traditional, historic look
Amazing design pressure ratings
Frame system with a low profile
A wide range of powder-coat finishes are available

Colonial Shutters – Decorative

If price is a concern, we also offer Decorative Colonial shutters. The Colonial has the appearance of traditional colonial shutters, with either operable hinges or fixed hinges. It also features aluminum construction with a variety of powder-coat options. If an impact system is not required and budget is a concern, decorative Colonials can be a great choice.

The appearance of traditional colonial shutters
Aluminum’s strength and durability
You can choose from a wide range of colors

Although it is best to view our samples in person, here is a link that shows the different colors we can powder coat Wilmington shutters.

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Bahama (Bermuda), Hurricane Shutters Wilmington & New Bern NC

Our shutters can be permanently attached to your home or business, so they don’t need storage. The louvered shutters are connected directly to the window. They can be propped open quickly and efficiently to provide shade. One person can make the shutters storm-ready. Although it is best to view our samples in person, here is a link that shows the different colors we can powder coat shutters. Look no further if you are looking for a way to add a trendy touch and tropical flair to your home or office. Bahama Shutters provide superior storm protection for all storm conditions. They can withstand flying debris and high winds. They make windows look more prominent and give a stylish appearance to residential and commercial properties.

Clear span of 38 inches without the need for mullion
Mullions are larger spans and can be lined up with interior trim.
Patented articulating louvers
View between articulating louvers: 2” or 4”.
Energy efficiency increases
Airflow and unobstructed view in the open position
Variable adjustments (fully-shut, wide-open)
Comfortable light, ventilation, and privacy control

Bahama Shutters – Decorative (non-rated).

The most affordable shutters in this category are our Decorative Bahama Hurricane Shutters. This system is made of extruded aluminum and has a lightweight frame system. It offers the same look as traditional louvered Bahama shutters and a cost-effective system that can be used with all budgets. This system, like all of our louvered products, is available in a variety of powder-coat finishes.

Hurricane Screens

You can enjoy hurricane protection that is highly effective and convenient with an electronically controlled or manually operated roll-up hurricane screen system. This innovative, advanced design protects you, your family, and your home even when it is not your presence. The Storm Catcher Rolling Screen can cover large openings while the mesh structure filters light in, allowing you out.

Rolldown shutters to provide hurricane protection for a Wilmington home

Features and Benefits of Rolldown Shutters:

Enjoy a clear view of the mountains for as far as 24 feet
Tracks are slimmer but stronger
High pressures can cause good spans
For minimum Hood Size, Single Wall Slat System
Slat Locks that are self-lubricated do not need to be maintained by homeowners to maintain strength and performance.
It is quiet.
Florida Building Code approved
ASTM test

Rolling Hurricane Screen

Roll-Up System

This wind abatement system can be integrated seamlessly with your home automation systems. It is enormous missile impact rated. Our Roll-Up System provides industry-leading hurricane protection. It also protects against everyday sun, wind, and rain. All Roll-Up Systems use U.V. Stabilized fabric and thread.

The rolling screen can be operated manually or electronically. You can operate electric shutters by remote control or wall switch. Remote operation via cell phone is also available. This allows you to close your storm shutters anywhere without needing to go home.


The Grommet System is transparent, lightweight, and simple to deploy. It will protect your home against hurricane-force winds and debris without causing damage to your wallet. All Grommets Systems use U.V. Stabilized fabric and thread are used for hurricane screens.

Strap and Buckle System

The strap-and-buckle system is the most versatile. This system has revolutionized the industry. It can be used to protect any opening. Buckle and Strap Systems are lightweight, transparent, and can span great distances.


U.V. Leader in the Industry Stabilized Fabric Available in All Colors
U.V. Stabilized Thread
Fabric colors: Gray, Black, Cream, Beige, and Gray
Colors for extrusions: Ivory, Beige, White and Bronze
Approved by the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County

There are many options:

On Request, Custom Colors of Extrusions
Roll-Up Operation: Electric or Electric with Manual Override and Manual (crank handle).
Alternate motors are available for home automation integration upon request
⦁ Remote Controls: Single Channel (four Channels), Four Channels and Six Channels
Custom Remote Controls: From Eighty to Two Hundred Forty Channels

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