Solar Screen Window Shades

Custom Solar Screen Shades Installed in Coastal NC

Carolina Window Coverings are your local solar screen shades experts! We sell and install custom solar screen window shades in the Wilmington, NC area. We are based in Hampstead but our service area reaches the all  of coastal NC! We have 20+ years of experience and guarantee that you’ll love your solar screen shades. We have them custom-made to almost any size desired. The materials have many degrees of openness – from 0% to 20%. This product is great for interior or exterior use, and the perfect solution for sun control and UV protection.

Why Solar Screen Window Shades?

Free Installation on all Solar shades!

Solar screen shades, also known as solar blinds or solar window shades, are window treatments designed to control sunlight, reduce glare, and provide privacy while maintaining a clear view of the outside.

 These shades are constructed using specially designed fabrics that are woven to block a significant portion of harmful UV rays and solar heat, helping to keep your interiors cooler and protect your furniture and flooring from fading. Solar screen shades offer various levels of openness, allowing you to choose the desired amount of light filtration and privacy. They are available in a range of colors and patterns to suit your style preferences and can be customized to fit different window sizes and shapes. With their energy-efficient properties and ability to reduce glare without completely obstructing the view, solar screen shades are an excellent choice for enhancing comfort, improving energy efficiency, and preserving the aesthetics of your space.

Solar Screen Window Shade Options

  • Fabric Covered Hem Bars
  • Standard or Reverse Roll
  • Sliding Panel Options
  • Motorization

The Benefits of Solar Screen Shades:

  • Solar screen shades gently filter and diffuse light for an enhanced ambience.
  • These economical shades reduce room temperatures and block UV rays for reduced energy costs.
  • Solar screens come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics to compliment any room.
  • Exterior solar shades are a great way to protect your porch or patio.
  • Solar screen shades can be customized to fit any size window, small or large!
  • Great for interior or exterior use
Solar Screen Window Shades

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