Window Treatments 101

Window Treatments 101

Window Treatments 101

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Although window treatments might not be what you first notice when you enter a room, Window treatments can add color and texture to your home, as well as keeping it warmer and more relaxed in winter and summer. They also provide privacy and block out the sun for toddlers’ naps. Before you shop for your window treatment options, here’s some information.


Blinds or curtains will be your first choice. For curtains, choose a length that allows you to hang your curtain rod at least 2 inches above your window frame. This will make your windows appear taller. Choose a measurement that will enable you to pool your curtains at the bottom. Blinds will make your measurements easier. You need to decide if they will be mounted inside or outside the frame to determine their width. Blinds can be custom cut by a dealer. Decide whether the curtains will block the entire window when closed. Each panel should be twice the width of the window. Each panel should be at least 3/4 the width of the curtains if you don’t plan to close them. This will ensure that the final result is fluffy and not too busy. Pre-packaged blinds can be customized at home.


After you have chosen your base look, add another window treatment. This may sound a bit excessive. This is not excessive. Pairing mahogany- or cherry-toned blinds and sheer, neutral curtains allows you to combine the warmth of wood with natural textiles. You can dress up your windows with a cornice or a valance if you have decided on curtains. To adjust the light coming in, hang sheer curtains underneath thicker curtains. Or frame a window using long drapes in a matching fabric and a shade made of a similar material to block light. Mixing textures and colors can give your room a new dimension without overwhelming the rest of your furniture.


Next, you need to select your materials. The options available can make it seem overwhelming. You can make your space feel larger and brighter by adding curtains that are the same color as your walls. Choosing a bold or dark pattern can increase drama and visual interest, while sheer white curtains can give your space a casual, beachy feel. Blinds can be made from wood, vinyl or fabric. Vinyl will give your windows a warmer, natural look; while vinyl can be challenging to clean, fabric Roman shades can provide more color and pattern than a full-sized curtain.

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