What should your Hurricane Shutter Maintenance Look Like

Dec 23, 2022 | Shutters

Make sure your hurricane shutters are maintained and ready for the next storm.

If you live in the Wrightsville Beach, NC area, hurricane shutters are essential. Protecting your home from the elements is necessary, particularly against tropical storms. Hurricane-force winds can cause damage to a home and break in windows, and this causes water to rush into the house and flood its contents. A hurricane shutter protects windows from being blown about by high-force winds. Hurricane shutter maintenance is essential to protect against storms.

You can keep the particleboards in your garage and nail them up for when the storm comes. This is tedious and can cause damage to the window frames. You will need to climb ladders to get the wood pieces up and attach them to your windows. After the storm passes, you must climb up the ladder and rip out any nails. Investing in hurricane shutters in the long term is a better idea.

There are three options for protecting your windows from a hurricane: impact windows, hurricane screens, or shutters. Because of their durability, price, and versatility, hurricane shutters are a popular choice. The accordion hurricane roll shutter is easy to use. You can use accordion shutters by simply connecting the sides, then fastening them together and locking the shutters. Although it may seem simple, if your shutters are maintained, they will be easier to close when you need them. No matter how often they are used, it is essential to take care of your hurricane shutters each season. It could be dangerous to rely on your shutters working at any moment without verifying their position. Here are some tips for maintaining your accordion hurricane shutters.

It would help if you cleaned the tracks of shutters by regularly washing them. It would help if you inspected the tracks for dirt, salt, insect nests, and other particles, which could cause problems with the shutter operation.

Use a silicone spray lubricant to clean and lubricate your accordion shutter tracks. A hardware store can sell silicone spray lubricant. Avoid oily lubricants. This lubricant will cause dirt and salt to build up more quickly. It would help if you also lubricate your thumbscrews a minimum of twice yearly. This will allow you to move the locking pins that hold the accordion shutters.

Warm water, soap, and soft brushes are all you need to clean your accordion shutters at least twice yearly. The hinges that join the slats to the slats should be cleaned as well. To remove dirt, salt, and other contaminants, clean the shutters in open and folded positions. Do not use harsh cleaners, pads, or bristle brushes to clean your shutters.

Even if your storm shutters are used sparingly, they should be closed and opened at least once per month. This will keep your tracks clean and allow you to move quickly. Make sure to inspect the trails and any other removable parts. Also, check the mounting fasteners for damage or missing. You can rest assured that your shutters will function in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane by operating them frequently.

Traditional shutters can be harmed by poor-quality, poorly designed hardware that needs to be well maintained. Consider the environment when you are looking for shutter hardware for your home. Are you a coastal or seaside application that requires rust-resistant components? Are your shutters heavy and require heavy-duty pintles with large diameters?

You should also ensure that you have hurricane-resistant hardware, as we live in a hurricane zone. These details can save you money on shutter maintenance and could protect your home from severe hurricane damage. The hurricane shutter hardware system addresses shutter closure and shutter rattle caused by wind and provides adequate protection against storms.

Shutter hardware can do so much more than most homeowners are aware of. Doing some research before you make a decision can help you make the right choice.

It is essential to maintain your hurricane shutters regularly. The home is the most costly investment that most people make. Carolina Window Covering inc offers quality Hurricane shutters that protect your home from the elements.