Types of NC Hurricane Shutters and What You Want to Know

Types of NC Hurricane Shutters and What You Want to Know

Types of NC Hurricane Shutters and What You Want to Know

There are many styles of hurricane shutters. It is essential to know how they work when you should put them up and which shutter is best for your home. Hurricane shutters protect your home from flying debris from gale-force winds and your family from any injury. Many new homes near Wilmington & the surrounding areas in NC are equipped with hurricane shutters, impact windows, and doors. Retrofitting older homes for storm protection is possible in Topsail Island NC.

NC Hurricane Shutters: Roll down

Roll-down hurricane shutters offer the best storm protection option, and therefore many people choose to have them installed. Although they are well-suited to hurricane protection, that is not the only benefit. To give homeowners more security, they also provide insulation and burglary protection. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your hurricane shutters. Shutter Repair Jacksonville NC.

Roll-down shutters can be lowered to protect from flying debris. However, they can also block out light, noise, and burglars. This is especially useful if you are away from home for a long time. Hurricane shutters are easy to use, as they can be adjusted with either a hand crank or an electric motor.

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Electric Motor or Hand Crank

It’s a good idea if you choose the electric motor option to ensure that your roll-down shutters have a backup battery. This allows you to operate the shutters without needing to crank them manually. This is important because storms often come with power outages.

You can also opt for hand-crank models. These are, however, more labor-intensive to use. You should practice the hand crank method before you get hit by a storm, as roll-down shutters can be very heavy for large windows and lanai doors.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

The accordion hurricane shutters are made up of vertically attached slats attached to a stainless-steel roller-carriage system. This provides maximum protection from storms and theft, and they are easy to install and can be used by almost everyone. North Topsail Beach NC

It acts as a security curtain for your home.

These hurricane shutters work like curtains. They are connected by pulling the two panels together. You can open them fully to enjoy the Wilmington NC sunshine, or you can leave them partially open to keep your home cool. It is essential to clean shutter channels of debris and have them professionally regularly serviced in order to keep accordion shutters running smoothly. This should be done before each storm season begins.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters Increase Safety and Value

Bahama hurricane shutters can be used as an alternative to roll-down or accordion hurricane shutters. They look more like traditional wooden shutters and add a beautiful architectural element to your home. Bahama shutters are a great option for homeowners who desire a high-end, more expensive look, but still want hurricane protection.

Bahama shutters of today are made from durable aluminum hurricane shutters. They are very easy to use. For storm protection, simply open them and let the breeze blow through them.

For strong protection, choose Hurricane Panels.

Storm panels can be installed on your home, and they are cheaper than hurricane shutters but require more work to set up and takedown. These panels are not right for all. Storm panels can be stored in a garage and attached when needed. Storm panels are typically made of aluminum, and transparent versions are also available.

These panels let light in and provide storm protection.

It is a skill that is important to install storm panels, you should know how to set up your storm panels before the start of storm season. Full-home protection will require various panels, so you’ll need to identify which panels go were. Regular inspections of storm panel anchors and tracks are recommended to ensure that they can be used when needed.

Hurricane screens are another valuable option.

Your Oak Island NC home may use other methods of storm protection. These hurricane screens are made of a geo-synthetic fabric like Kevlar and are designed to be an affordable alternative to hurricane shutters or other storm protection systems.

Hurricane screens add a lot of value.

These screens offer excellent protection against wind-driven rains and flying debris. These screens are great for protecting large openings like lanais and storefronts. Storm Solutions provides Armor Screen Hurricane Protection, which is transparent, lightweight, strong, and easy to use.

It doesn’t matter what type of shutters, panels, or screens you have in Wilmington NC; it is crucial to learn how to use them before a storm strikes. Your NC home will be protected from hurricane season by regularly inspecting and maintaining its hurricane shutter system.

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