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Carolina Window Coverings is Wilmington’s favorite choice for high quality, affordable window shutters. All of our products are produced by the industry’s top manufacturers and made with the highest quality materials. We’ll work with you from start to finish to to ensure you are 100% satisfied with every aspect of your project. Providing the best in window covering installation, design advice, and top-quality manufactured products is incredibly important to us.

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Attractive shutters can do a lot to transform the look and also give the most distinctive curb appeal. They come in a vast range of styles, materials, and colors. We carry plantation shutters and storm shutters. We offer all of our customers free installation with purchase of any of our high-quality window coverings. All of our services are performed to the highest standards and are sure to not only improve the R-value of your home, but also give you the boost to curb appeal that you have been after!

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane protection is necessary for Wilmington NC homeowners, Shutters are used in hurricane mitigation to protect the houses nearby. Other structures are protected from the damage caused by Wilmington, NC Storms. To prevent damage, hurricane shutters can be used. Windows can be broken by flying objects. Broken windows allow for negative pressure from the high-velocity wind blowing over a roof. Air Pressure To rise within a Building This can lead to a more significant pressure difference and roof failure. Shutters are often made from steel or aluminum, but homeowners may choose to use plywood as an alternative. The shutters attach to the exterior of the building using screws, hurricane clips, or a track system. Advanced shutters can be motorized and may fold down when not in use.

3 Types of Hurricane Covers

Panel system hurricane shutters made from Aluminum Or Steel. An accordion shutter, made of interlocking vertical blades that slide horizontally into place, is another type.

Another type is the roll-up or rolling shutters. It consists of a set of slats that form a curtain, and both sides are inserted into guide rails. The curtain is then rolled onto an aluminum axle and covered with housing. Rolling shutters are manually operated by a pull strap, gear, or motor. Motorized shutters are controlled by a remote or switch and can be used individually or in groups. Motorized shutters can only be operated manually if power is lost due to hurricanes. This requires either accessing the motor (which can prove difficult) or installing a pre-installed, manual override. A manual override is usually operated with a gear. All hurricane shutters must be deployed using special techniques to allow firefighters access to the interior.

Tapco Hurricane Screens, Colonials, and Bahamas Shutters are other types. Bahama shutters can be mounted above the windows to create shade. When they are closed, they can be brought down and secured on top of the window. Colonials look similar to wooden shutters but are made from aluminum. Tapco Hurricane Screens come powder coated and made from heavy-duty aluminum frames with stainless steel mesh for screening. Wilmington, NC Awning shutters are also used, with a horizontal hinge over the opening to protect it.