Product Warranties

Product Warranties

5 Common Assumptions about Product Warranties (And how to Avoid Them).

You want to make sure that you are making a wise purchase before making a big purchase. Call today & schedule a Free In-Home Consultation. Shades. And much more. Shutters. Blinds. Types: Wood Blinds, Aluminum Blinds, Vertical Blinds. At Carolina Windows, We Have Handcrafted The Finest, Shades, Blinds, And Hurricane Storm Shutter Protection. Expert Design Assistance. Measurement & Installation Services…You are speculating on how the product will perform and how long it will last. Also, you want to know if your investment is worth the product’s quality. However, it is essential to consider whether the product comes with a quality guarantee that will protect you in the future.

Professional Window Treatments will, during the initial 90 days from the date of installation, repair or replace the defective product without charge for custom Shades, Shutters, And Blinds. Wide Variety of Style & Color Options. Call Us Today! Custom Consultation. Made In The USA. It cannot be easy to understand product warranties. Warranty coverage applies to defective products only. Other window coverings in the room/household will not be replaced. Service. These warranties are often described in lengthy sentences that use technical terminology, making it easy to lose interest as soon as you look at them. Understanding the details of a product warranty before making significant investments is essential.

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Understanding what warranty features to look out for is essential and avoiding mistakes when reviewing a contract is necessary. This will help you find the proper security for your investment. Carolina Window Covering wants to make warranties as easy as possible. Carolina Window Covering has helped thousands of homeowners in North Carolina understand the importance and what they need to learn about contracts. Compare The Best Home Warranty Companies & Get A Free Quote to Avoid Costly Home Repairs. We have also helped homeowners who were ripped off by a company that provided a false warranty. We want to help you avoid homeowners’ common mistakes regarding product warranties.

What assumptions should be avoided when analyzing a product warranty (5 items)

These are the five common misconceptions we have identified over the past thirty-plus years. These are:

  1. Your lifetime
  2. The warranty period applies to all products
  3. There is no distinction between a manufacturer warranty and a company warranty
  4. If the company will continue to be available to service, the warranty in future
  5. It is believed that the company they work for will handle the warranty process

The warranty word lifetime must be defined, and it could be for your lifetime or the entire product’s life. It could last for up to 30 years, and it could even be three years. The company could still classify both warranties as lifetimes. Let’s examine each assumption to see what is not to do when we look at a product warranty.

1. Mistake: Thinking a lifetime is your lifetime.

When a warranty says “lifetime,” homeowners often assume it is their life. It is logical to ask, but isn’t that the only definition of life? Does that not mean I will live if I can?

What is the lesson?

If you don’t see the term lifetime, don’t assume that a product warranty covers your entire life. Ask the company how long that lifespan is. Is it the product’s lifetime, the installation of that product, or your lifetime? This will allow you to determine how long the warranty lasts and whether it meets your requirements for length of validity.

Second mistake: Thinking that the warranty applies to all products

When you look at a product warranty, the second most common error is to assume that the warranty applies to all products.

This warranty will detail the deposit and specify what is and what isn’t covered and how long they are covered. let’s say you buy new windows for your house. The warranty could be valid for up to 30 years and protects against manufacturing defects. This warranty is void because the glass parts and hardware are not covered for ten years.

To understand the warranty coverage for each product part, reading the fine print is essential. What is the lesson? This standard error can be avoided by carefully reviewing each warranty section.

Ask the company about each component’s specific coverages to understand the coverage length and the limits. Do not assume that the warranty covers every part of the product.

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Third error: Not recognizing the difference between a manufacturer and company warranty

The third most common error homeowners make is not knowing the difference between a manufacturer warranty and a company warranty. If you purchase an LG washing machine at Lowe’s, LG will be the manufacturer, and Lowe’s is the company that bought the product. LG will provide a warranty for the product’s manufacture, and Lowe’s will offer a separate contract for quality and installation. There are two types of warranties, each with different coverage limits and lengths. You should avoid making the mistake of not understanding both contracts or assuming that one contract is the same.

What is the lesson?

To fully appreciate the warranties and determine if they are compatible with your needs, you must be able to understand them as distinct entities.

1. Mistake: Thinking that the company you work for will handle the warranty process: The fifth and last most common error in warranty claims is to assume that the company you work for takes care of your warranty claim from beginning to end. Certain companies offer a white-glove service for warranty claims. They will help you file a claim if you have a problem with the product or provide a refund.

You can also file warranty claims against other companies. Each product warranty describes what you need to do to file a claim. This usually involves contacting the manufacturer to have a representative visit your home to determine if your product is worthy of a claim. This can cause you stress and can lead to a lot of hassle. Handling warranty claims can also be confusing. However, not all companies will take care of your warranty claims.

What is the lesson?

Ask about warranty claims before you sign up with a company. Do they handle the suit for you? If your product is defective, you want to be sure that the company will assist you. You can file a warranty claim. You must understand the two warranties you will receive if you buy a product from an independent company other than the manufacturer. One for the manufacturing process and one for selling and installing the product. Most manufacturer warranties do not cover installation provided by the company that installs the product. You will have to file any claim and deal directly with the manufacturer, which can prove costly.

These are the most common mistakes you can make to get a quality guarantee for your product.

You now know the five most common errors you can make when reviewing a product warranty. When looking at warranties, selecting a product, or choosing a company to do business with, the most important thing is not to assume anything.

Does the warranty last a lifetime? Find out the duration of the warranty.

Is it possible to work with a brand-new company in your industry? Ask them how they can ensure they are there to service your warranty in the future or what they will do if they cease operations. Do they help you file your warranty claim? If you must file a claim, ask about the process and what you can expect. All these errors have taught us the most important lesson: to be open-minded, to ask questions, and not assume. Carolina Window Covering ink wants to answer all of your questions before they even come up. We want warranties to be as simple as possible.

We will take care of all warranty claims for the products we have installed and provide service as long as your home is owned.

We take care of all the hard work so that you don’t have to stress about understanding a warranty or how to file a claim. Knowing what warranty terms to look for and which parts to identify is essential to fully understanding your product’s warranty. This information is helpful before you invest in a product and afterward if you have any problems and need to review your coverage.


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